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Working at a Cafe

Why choose The Kit Project?


We have industry experts and mentors with decades of experience ready to help you develop the skills and mentor you to achieve your business goals.


We are constantly curating an exciting tangible 'product to market' network to make the pipeline to mass market to retail simpler to navigate with real people you can converse and do business with.


We know you have the creativity to develop products but here we'll fine-tune your business and leadership skills so you're not only profitable but ready to be a leader of a business that is an employer of the future.


We believe in an end to end product life cycle sustainability so we want to give your the opportunity to find solutions with the best minds from local universities and innovative businesses ready to find solutions to help make your product sustainable with an end-of-product life waste strategy.


We are creating a new UK innovative sourcing fair for retail buyers to work with new businesses that are developing out-of-the-box solutions for their customer's needs. 

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