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Green Juices

The Kit Project is networking designed to create a tangible network for 'route-to-market' stakeholders, innovative product businesses, mentors and retailers.  We help product developers learn the commercial business skills required for mass market business and create a clear and educational pathway to launch product commercially, sustainably, and legally. Our values are sustainability, team work, innovation, creativity, and inclusivity.

Our Services

Self-paced learning and group workshops

Here you'll learn about product, pricing, promotional and placement strategy, strategic relationship building, Negotiation, P&L management and how to prepare your business for winning big retail business.

Product Stakeholder networking events

Need Packaging people? or branding people? Copyright and patent people? Here you'll find the network to bring your product to market commercially, legally, and in whatever Pantone you wish.

Learn about sustainable product development

The end to end product life cycle and social responsibility of business owners has never been more important. We'll support connections to work with local universities and innovative businesses to find sustainable materials and product solutions as well as ways to repurpose waste.

Be Inspired

Hear how estalished product entrepreneurs entered retail and how they took their businesses from zero to category hero.

Expert Mentors

We're constantly scouting for the best retail talent to mentor for us to help you learn from industry experts to support you on your mass market journey.

Understand Retail Buying

Learn how to pitch to buyers, and understand commercial and service level agreements.  How to use category data and build joint business plans.

Our Services

Ready to find out more?

You can join our membership or even sponsor a product launcher to have access to networking events, self-paced training modules and live workshops all designed to help you develop as a business owner and bring your product idea to market. Click the 'Join us' page to see our membership.

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